Engineered for Safety and Security, The RECON will safely go places humans won’t and see things humans can’t.

  • Remote controlled
  • Bosch IR camera
  • Mounted speaker and mic
  • Battle ram
  • Optional pepper spray mount*

Its compact, durable design allows it to maneuver powerfully and nimbly, climbing stairs and battering down doors when necessary. Equipped with a high tech, rugged Bosch MIC IP Starlight 7100i camera and separate speaker/mic, it can locate individuals barricaded behind a door or wall and allow its operator to communicate with individuals on the other end. An optional mount for pepper spray, which can be used to further neutralize a target, is available.* The RECON can be operated by remote control, helping to ensure the safety and security of students, staff, employees, and everyone whose life deserves to be protected!

Valued by Police, schools, security agencies, property management companies, etc., The RECON provides on-the-scene eyes, ears, and defense against intruders and other threats to life and property. Learn more about how The RECON can help protect what is important to you.

*HMS USA does not sell or supply pepper spray. Pepper spray is purchased and mounted by the client/operator.

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