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Engineered for Safety and Security, The RECON will safely go places humans won’t and see things humans can’t.

Utilized by police departments, schools, security agencies, property management companies, private businesses, etc., The RECON provides on-the-scene eyes, ears, and defense against intruders and other threats to life and property. Understanding the reality of the current landscape in which we live, HMS USA takes a proactive stance in equipping safety officers and staff with cutting edge technology that is both effective and simple to use.

Police:  Police and other emergency response organizations value RECON’s swift deployment and ability to identify targets and access problem areas, responding efficiently and effectively, while keeping valuable personnel safe.

Schools: School administrators and parents alike gain peace of mind in knowing their students and staff are protected by The RECON. With its ability to see through walls and break down locked doors, speak to individuals on the other end, and neutralize targets remotely, The RECON is a critical element in School safety and security.

Security & Private:  Whether you run a security business protecting others or privately own a business or property that you want to keep safe and secure, The RECON offers durable and easy-to-operate protection for a variety of applications and situations.

We support Americans’ Constitutional Rights and strive to keep all people and property safe from harm. If you have a question or an idea for how you want to use The RECON to provide security for that which you value most, please contact us to discuss.

Some of the partners & clients we’ve worked with


Some of the partners & clients we’ve worked with

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