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HMS 200

Your low height and confined space materials handling solution

HMS 200 Compact Mini Loader is a global award-winning innovation utilizing world-class technology. The remote-controlled mini loader provides the operator with increased capability, safety, and productivity. The ultra-low profile allows the mini loader to be used in hard-to-access areas such as under conveyor belts without the need for expensive shutdowns whilst maintaining productivity and safety.

​Encased in a tough, IP65, fiber enforced polycarbonate case, the lightweight, ergonomic radio remote control by HMS Equipment, is rugged and reliable; engineered for the toughest industrial environments. Offering increased safety, productivity and operational efficiency, the new mini loader with remote control uses patented User Interface (UI) technology for optimal control and reliability. New, fully proportional, electro-hydraulic valves deliver precise and repeatable movement under all working conditions.

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Some of the partners & clients we’ve worked with


Some of the partners & clients we’ve worked with

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